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J2 Studio — Advertising Graphi Design and Web Design, Tampa
J2 Studio — Advertising Graphi Design and Web Design, Tampa

J2 Studio Case Studies

One of the most popular demonstrations we can make to potential clients when we meet with them is our before and after samples. This allows us to demonstrate the forward thinking and creative process utilized when developing marketing collateral for all our clients. We will be providing additional examples from time to time. If you'd care to see additional examples before they are posted, please email us!

The Client:

717 Parking Enterprises
Tampa, FL

In our first installment of “before and After”, we chose our client 717 Parking Enterprises of Tampa. If you are from the Tampa area and frequent downtown especially, you may have parked your vehicle in one of the many lots they lease and manage or perhaps you were at a function where they valet parked your car.

The problem:

When 717 first contacted J2 Studio they were looking to develop a new marketing piece, or brochure to send out to prospective clients, hand out at trade show, etc. What they needed to do was replace the cumbersome piece they had been using to this point.

While this piece may have seemed functional on the surface, it was received more as a lengthy read than anything else. The brochure was packed with mounds of information about the company, it's management, hiring practices, company growth , etc. This is an all too common occurrence - trying to deliver too much information. While it seems practical on the outset, it can quickly become counterproductive if the information is not edited, placed strategically, and whittled down to a more digestible source of information. What the brochure also lacked was a tangible sense of branding and identity.

The photography within the piece was provided from several sources, all of which utilized simple point and shoot cameras, with no consistency in lighting, technique, etc. Unfortunately all the elements within the brochure compounded the issue of presenting a less than professional appearance for an otherwise professional firm. And certainly did not reflect one of the fastest growing parking companies in not just Tampa, but the South Eastern United States.

Our solution:

First and foremost, and with much convincing, the logo was redesigned to reflect a much more polished, contemporary and moving company. This is in stark contrast to the “clip art logo” they had been sporting to that point. We then redesigned all their identity items like their stationery, and such, to reflect the new logo and color scheme. 717 then aided the re-branding effort by erecting a new 40' illuminated sign in front of t's Tampa offices. They also incorporated the new logo into all it's parking lot signage, ticket stubs, employee shirts, and more.

Finally, we redesigned their corporate brochure. This piece was whittled down from the 24 page tome to a very efficient and much more digestible 8 page brochure stitched into it’s own pocket folder surrounded by an elegant translucent vellum fly sheet. The pockets will allow the company to include sales sheets and variable information that may be developed in the future or stormier the kit to a particular demographic in the future, leaving the core information about the company within the final piece.

The Results:

A brand new, professional image in a relatively saturated market. A completely new brand that has been perpetuated not only in the collateral we produced, but also the additional efforts the company made in terms of company shirts, signage, etc. resulting in a more widely accepted response in the industry ultimately leading to increased sales and a sense of pride within the organization.

J2 Studio Case Studies

J2 Studio Case Studies

After some convincing, 717 Parking Enterprises heeded our advice and allowed us to design a more professional, and cleaner looking corporate logo.

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J2 Studio Case Studies

After the logo was completed, we then provided a new stationery system that included letterhead, business cards, envelopes, Word templates and more. This is an important step in redesigning an identity. All items must remain consistent and perpetuate the look and feel of all other collateral.

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J2 Studio Case Studies
This was the existing brochure our client had been utilizing for new business development.
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J2 Studio Case Studies

After copy writing, a new design and identity, and on site photography, 717 Parking Enterprises and a much more polished and professional piece to hand to potential clients.

Click here to download the PDF version of the complete brochure!

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If you would like additional examples of case studies, please contact us!

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